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RateMyPitch March 2022 Mock Call Edition with Jason Bay and Will Aitken

You’d think since the first cold call in 1873 that we would have perfected the art by now. The thing is, our prospects are constantly changing the way they buy, but we’re still relying on the same techniques we did in the Wild Wild West. The countless hangups, brush-offs, and “not interested” echoing in your brain can feel like fighting off an 80-foot mechanical tarantula without Will Smith backing you up. Jason Bay is one of the best cold call trainers, Will Aitken is one of the best sales content creators, Ryan O’Hara’s muppet hair is borderline iconic, and Jon Mazza has been rejected more times than a manual Salesforce login. Together they’ll rate and break down mock calls from a few audience members while giving out tactical tips that you can start using right away to book more meetings.