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Data Breakdown: How Salespeople Are Adopting Sales Tech (Or Not)

What happens when Sales Hacker surveys over 1,000 salespeople, marketers, and operations experts for their perspective on the sales tools their using? You get an excellent report on the State of the Sales Stack that we can break down for you!

Sales Hacker's own Brooklin Nash (Head of Content, Sales Hacker) invited Ryan O'Hara and Chad Nuss (SVP Global Sales, PandaDoc) for a live data breakdown of their recent report Sales Stack in 2021: ROI, Adoption and Impact.

You'll get their insights on some surprising findings, including why sales tech adoption is so low across the board and why sales, sales enablement, and RevOps aren't aligning with the tools they're using. 

Watch the video and learn:

  • What goes into driving adoption for your fancy new sales tech?
  • How can sales, RevOps, enablement, and sales ops align on the tools they're using?
  • Why overall adoption is so low in the first place?