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How to Use Humor to Develop Personalized Cold Call Openers that Convert

Warm Your Cold Calls With a Fire Opener Featuring Jon Selig and Terry Husayn

The thought of giving a bad first impression on a cold call can leave you with sweat dripping down your brow that’s colder than the shoulders of your toughest to reach prospects.

Getting an answer is rare enough. Stop losing them before you’re able to start a conversation!

Jon Selig of Comedy Writing for Revenue Teams is going to walk you through how to use humor to create memorable cold openers that can break the ice and speak to your prospect's pain points within 10-seconds.

He's joined by Terry Husayn, VP of Sales and Development at Orum, who shares how to further personalize your cold calls while increasing volume. 

Don't miss this workshop, by the end you'll...

  • Be able to set up funny one-liners to open your cold calls
  • Learn how to build trust with your prospects using humor
  • Know how to structure cold calls for consistency
  • Have a way to hook your prospects on a cold call in 10 seconds or less