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Comedy in Sales Webinar

It’s ironic that a majority of sales reps worry about being replaced by robots when their actions can be described as very robotic.

Every time an SDR calls a prospect, it’s always the same, “Hi I am [insert name] I work for [company] what we do is [insert script vomit].” Where did all the humans go?

In this discussion, Rishi, Kristy, and Jon will teach sales reps how to drop the script and be more in the moment. We will discuss both stand-up and improv comedy and how each can have a greater impact with not only your selling, but your sales career.

Comedy and sales have many commonalities – you have to deal with a high rate of rejection, you need to portray confidence, and most importantly, you need to personalize your material to your intended audience.

What You'll Learn

  • How to think quickly on your feet
  • How to handle objections better
  • How to deal with the pain of rejection
  • How to build better relationships (that make you the big bucks)