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B2B Tonight Episode 25 with RajNATION Nathan

Storytelling in Sales: How to help your prospects understand why you’re the right choice

Once upon a time, a stranger asked you what your company does? You looked at them puzzled, but only for a moment. Thrown off guard you awkwardly put on a crooked smile and the words that come out of your mouth confuse even you.

As you stare back into the stranger's eyes you notice the exact moment they realized they made a mistake. Their eyes start to wander as they look for ways to get out of this conversation. 

When you’re finished you’re overcome with shame and immediately vanish into thin air.

THE END...or is it...

Now, what would you say if a prospect asked you the same question? The story might be different but would the outcome stay the same?

Watch B2B Tonight to learn how to come up with the right story for the right audience and make it so your prospects not only understand what you do but how you can help them?

Cool Things you’ll learn:

  • Getting more replies in your cold outreach
  • Structuring the best messages for your audience
  • Making it easy for anyone to tell your story
  • Fixing sales presentations and discovery calls