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The Engine Behind Your Business: The Three Key Components for Successful Revenue Operations

There are 3 fundamental aspects of RevOps: metrics, technology, and strategy. This exec brief showcases the importance of implementing a RevOps department and how to do so sucessfully.

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Revenue Operations (RevOps) are the glue keeping Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success efficiently aligned. Companies with aligned teams close 38% more deals and post 208% more marketing revenue, according to HubSpot reports. 

LeadIQ's Ryan O'Hara and Rishi Mathur sat down with Rosalyn Santa Elena, Head of Revenue Operations at Clari. With over 20 years of experience with operations, Rosalyn discusses the three fundamental aspects of RevOps: metrics, technology, and strategy

This executive brief takes a deep dive into each section to showcase the importance of implementing a RevOps department and successfully doing so. 

What you'll learn: 

  • What metrics your RevOps team should be measuring.
  • How to choose tools for your RevOps tech stack.
  • Developing a successful RevOps strategy.