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How Showpad leveraged LeadIQ to boost its prospecting efforts

When looking for solutions to increase the speed, accuracy, and efficacy of its sales outreach,Showpad knew that any tool it chose needed to be easy to onboard and easy to use. They chose LeadIQ.

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As a sales enablement platform provider, Showpad knows better than most the importance of accurate, effective, and efficient prospecting efforts. The company knew that to truly own its goal of high-velocity prospecting, it needed to find a tool that would:

  • Easily find prospect contact information and move it into the CRM
  • Support multithreaded outreach to multiple departments within a single entity
  • Provide a reliable source of contact information for target accounts

In addition to its easy implementation, LeadIQ’s seamless integration with Outreach and Salesforce—Showpad’s two core platforms—signaled ease of use for end-users and administrators. These qualities made Showpad feel secure that its sales teams could begin using LeadIQ to enhance their prospecting efforts without missing a beat in their busy schedules.