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Fixing Broken Sales Hiring Practices

You’re not the only one having trouble finding sales talent. Top sales reps are leaving companies at record numbers, hiring numbers are skyrocketing, but the talent pool seems to be shrinking.

Being more efficient and making decisions sooner is a huge differentiator for the companies that are hiring the best talent right now, and too many companies are using language in their job posts that scare away the best and most diverse talent.

Lori Richardson (CEO & Founder, Score More Sales) and Josh Jordan (Founder & CEO, preHired) joined us in our discussion tearing apart broken hiring practices and sharing tips on standing out as both a candidate and a company looking to make a hire.

Cool things you’ll learn:

  • Why so many sales teams are having trouble finding talent
  • What should your job posts look like
  • How to find the right Sales role
  • What's broken with hiring practices
  • Creating a successful Sales Culture