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Episode 22: Josh Normand and Scott Leese

How to Have More Successful Sales Cycles

The car stalling in a horror flick as the villain appears outside the driver's side window and losing a deal that's further along in the sales process both come with the same feeling of despair.

How do you make sure deals don't get tripped up trying to escape the dreaded Closed Lost Monster?

On this episode of B2B Tonight we picked the brains of Josh Normand, SVP of Sales at Vimeo, and Scott Leese, CEO and Founder of Scott Leese Consulting. We cut deep to the heart of why we lose deals and how to survive through to the end.

Ryan and Mazza also share Sketchy Sales Tips that you definitely shouldn't use under any circumstances. 

Cool Things You’ll Learn:

  • Tips on how to put together your overall sales process and the buyer experience
  • How the complexity of the deal, size of company, and other factors should guide your sales strategy.
  • Why the Full Cycle Rep might be making a comeback
  • Why Sales Reps shouldn’t be afraid of PQLs
  • Tactical tips and leadership strategies for multiple sales scenarios
  • How to grow an epic beard like Scott Leese