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Verification System

Verification System
In this tutorial, we'll cover the LeadIQ Verification System and explain what are Verified Leads, Best Guess, and Unverified Leads, and how they can impact your prospecting campaign.

Hi, This is Ryan from the Product Team at LeadIQ. Today we'll go over our 'Verification System' when capturing leads. While browsing LinkedIn, the LeadIQ extension will automatically mirror your search activity - with the addition of the user's contact info.

If the information is not already in our database, you can simply click on preview email, and LeadIQ will do its magic. You'll notice the symbol appear next to the address. This is the Verification Status. Depending on the data we obtain, the status can be Verified, Best Guess, and Unverified.

You can think of Verified Leads as your safest bet. On average they have a 95% deliverability rate or more.

For Best Guess we can't guarantee the same 95% accuracy, these emails represent our best guess based on syntax and formatting of other users in that organization. In general, these emails will work 50-60% of the time.

Personally, we don't recommend using Unverified Emails. Due to their high bounce rate, they can impact your domain health and sender reputation.

By default, LeadIQ will only transfer Verified Leads to your integrations, but if you wish to change that, you can simply go to settings and set your preference. If you have any other questions or you would like to know more about our 'Verification System' please reach out to