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User Management

User Management
An overview of our 'User Management' features that covers everything from adding or removing users, managing credit limits, setting privileges, and more.

Hi I'm Ryan from LeadIQ, today we're going to review our 'User Management' features. First login to, then press the team icon on the left of the page. To add users press the plus button. An email will be sent to the new users allowing them to sign up.

To remove users, click the checkbox next to their name and press remove at the top. In this top area you can also change credit limits both standard and premium, and set privileges.

For now the privilege setting is just deciding whether or not a user is an admin. In the feature there will be more granular control. To change your password go down to the bottom left of the screen. Click settings. From there, click account, and change your password.

Thanks for taking time to learn about our user management features. I'm Ryan with the product team and please reach out to with further questions.