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Standard & Premium Credits

Standard & Premium Credits
In this tutorial, you'll get an in-depth overview of what are Standard and Premium credits, and how to use them to unlock mobile phones, work phones, personal emails, and work emails.

Hi this is Ryan from the Product Team at LeadIQ. In this video we'll talk about our Standard and Premium credits, and explain how they work. The LeadIQ platform gives access to a variety of data including social profiles, work emails, work phones, mobiles phones, personal emails and more. In order to capture some of that information, we use a crediting system.

Work emails and work phones can be unlocked with Standard credits, whereas for mobile phones and personal emails you will use Premium credits. Other data like social profile, company, domain, address and size don't require any credits. Depending on your sales team requirements and goals, you can chose between 2 different packages, each having their own amount of Standard and Premium credits.

When clicking capture or capture all, LeadIQ will only unlock work emails by default. If you wish to also automatically capture work phones, mobile phones and personal emails, you can simply scroll down next to capture all and set your preference. Alternatively, you can click on settings and do the same there, but remember, doing this can drastically increase how fast you spend your credits.

To keep track of your remaining credits click on settings again, and at the bottom you'll find the remaining amount. Another way to keep track is selecting the home button, and then you can click on the profile icon. If the information LeadIQ pulls out is either blank, unverified or best guess - the credit will not be deducted.

It's important to keep in mind that unused credits don't roll over from month to month. So we highly recommend prospecting consistently to make the most of your investment. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Standard and Premium credits, please reach out to