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Capturing Leads

Capturing Leads
Learn how to capture a single or multiple leads while browsing LinkedIn, configure which data to automatically unlock, and to which integration to send that information.

Hi this is Ryan from the Product Team at LeadIQ, today we're talking about capturing leads. When you're browsing LinkedIn, the LeadIQ extension has multiple ways to capture. You can hover over a single lead and press the plus button. You can also click into that lead to view their profile. At the bottom you'll see a 'Capture' button.

If you're viewing a list of leads on LinkedIn you can also 'Capture All', this will send all of the leads in the list to each integration you're saving to. The check-boxes above 'Capture All' determine whether you automatically unlock Work Phones, Mobile Phones or both at the moment of capture.

After pressing 'Capture', where your leads go depends on your integrations. To configure your integrations, click settings and then the 'add or remove' button that takes you to our web app. Once your integrations are set up, your captures will be sent to all of them with one click.

As an added note, if you're not able to find the lead on LinkedIn, you can use our custom lead button. Then simply enter a name, and a company domain and 'Capture'. This then takes you to a view where you can customize the information that you'd like to push to your integrations.

If you have any other questions about capturing, don't hesitate to reach out at