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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Secrets with James “SayWhatSales” Buckley & Sam Lewis

Is this the moment we’ve all been waiting for? Will these secrets lead to more meetings and revenue? You're about to find out!

As one of the most essential tools in any salesperson's arsenal, it's probably a safe bet to say that most sales teams practically live in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

The insights gained from LinkedIn Sales Navigator help reps hone their audience and personalize their outreach, making it a must-have for sales teams that want to boost their prospecting efforts.

But with so many features at your disposal, even the most seasoned sales professional probably overlooks something that can help them with prospecting and outreach. 

We brought in our friends James “SayWhatSales” Buckley (Chief Evangelist & Master of Ceremonies - JBSales), and Sam Lewis (Director of Sales Enablement - LogicGate), former Sales Enablement Leader for LinkedIn Sales Solutions to help shed some light on some of the best LinkedIn Sales Navigator secrets, tips, and tricks. 

Cool Things you’ll learn:

  • The missing secrets to getting more out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Navigating Navigator to find your next booked meeting
  • Building prospecting lists that increase your chances for revenue
  • Important features and tips you probably don't know about!