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How To Make Your Email Signature Stand Out



I’m always talking about how as a sales rep, you need to stand out and be interesting. If you are a VP of Sales and you’re running a team, you need your reps to have a brand, do tactics that make the prospect stop, and notice their interruption.

If you haven’t read one of our greatest blog posts, I say there are the four questions every cold email should answer. They are:

  • Why are you emailing me?
  • How am I special to you? 
  • Who are you? 
  • What do you want me to do with this email? 

One of the toughest questions to answer is “Who are you?”.

If you talk about yourself too much, your email is doomed to get deleted or archived. If you miss the mark though, and don’t give enough trust or value to convince the person to respond, you are doomed as well.

3 Reasons you Need an Email Signature

  1. Tracking Opens

  2. For your Prospect's Convenience 

  3. Gives your Prospect a Call to Action

Open Tracking

If your sales team is using any sort of software to track if someone is reading or opening your email, you’ll get a notifications whenever a prospect opens your email. I’m going to share something you probably don’t know.

Most of these programs work by putting an invisible pixel in the body of your email that matches the white body of your email so the prospect can’t see it.

When a user opens the email, it sends a notification back to the service you are using that the unique small pixel size image file has been queried and loaded. This then tells these companies’ servers that your prospect has opened the email. Each email you send creates a unique image file, which is how the service you are using knows what email was opened.

The problem is, if there is no email signature with a logo or some other image file in it, and the user doesn’t have display images turned on in their settings tab, there could be a warning message asking the user to “display images.”


If the user hits “display image” and no image loads, it could lead the prospect reporting your email as spam. If a few prospects report your email as spam, you end up in cold email jail for at least a few weeks.

While you should have a notification service because this can be a great trigger to do something else with the prospect, if you don’t want to force feed an image into your email body (you shouldn’t), a signature is an easy way to fix this since you’ll likely have your company’s logo in your signature.

For your Prospect's Convenience 

In a day where 38% of work emails are opened on a phone, it can be really hard to find contact information on a mobile device. If you aren’t going to do it for your prospects, do it for me will you?

The magic of clicking on a number on my mobile email, and just having it dial is amazing, and sometimes easier than replying back via email.

The other nice part is sometimes your prospect will rope in in someone, who wants to understand the context of your cold email. While they may read your email body, the personalization you did may not make sense to the random person getting the forward. This means the person getting the email forwarded will likely click around the signature and check out what links you provide.

Give your Prospects a CTA

Ok...I did some pretty rigorous testing on this in the early days of LeadIQ. I sent cold emails to prospects with links included in the body of the email, knowing it wouldn’t work. Guess what? It did not.

When I included links in the bodies of cold emails, I had a 0% positive reply rate. Z-E-R-O. Maybe I had a few replies, but they were all asking me to unsubscribe.

Big surprise. If you have a life changing webinar, or an award winning case study you want to send to a prospect, nothing kills your chances of getting an opportunity with a reply like asking them to check a link in a cold prospecting email.

What I recommend doing instead is putting a link to one of these things in your email signature with quick text to plug it. Don’t just spell it out though. Have a little fun with selling it.

The best part: If someone clicks one of those links, you have something you can mention on the cold call.

If you get a notification that they clicked on one of those links, you could open up your call with this:

“Hey Prospect Name, Just shot you an email. I’m actually been trying to get to know your team for a while now because <insert something that’s special about them here that’s sincere. Not sure if you saw this, but we’re doing a XYZ (or have ASSET ABC) ...and thought it could be useful for you. Have you heard of us or seen my Oscar nominated emails?”

The big thing is to have fun and make fun of yourself a little bit. The nice thing is you aren’t opening your call with you just shooting off features and benefits or talking to your product or service. When you do this, you can make the conversation more natural.

How to Make your Email Signature Stand Out

Anyone that follows us knows that we love video prospecting. If you haven’t tried any of the video prospecting tools out there, I can’t recommend them enough.

Here is an advanced video prospecting technique one tip that I keep hearing has helped a ton of folks: Make an email signature video!

Back in 2016, I was prospecting at LeadIQ and wanted to do something with video. I was worried with our product still being kind of new that if I made something that was too product heavy, our UI would change dramatically making the video too dated.

So one Saturday, I opened up iMovie on my MAC, wrote out a voiceover, and just cut together a video.

I had no HD camera, no lights, and no fancy video editing software. I just had a bunch of screenshots, my webcam for a microphone, and a story. This is what I made:

Now this is very well edited given the circumstances, but the lesson here is this. You need to tell a story, and make yourself seem interesting. For me, the cool part is when I was emailing people with a YouTube link, if they used Google Apps they’d actually see a preview of the video in the signature like this:

Sample Cold Email showing where Ryan plugged his Sales Video

I’ve since this moment moved the video into one of the prospecting platforms, but there is no reason you can’t record a video with your webcam sharing your story, and doing something that makes you seem interesting.

What’s crazy too is this video, just being my signature has more 1600+ views (note I do mention it in another blog post but more come from direct links).

7 Things you Need in your Email Signature

  1. Title
  2. Company Name
  3. Direct Number
  4. Company Website
  5. Your Social Profiles
  6. Your Email
  7. Your Company Logo

Signatures are a great space for this, and we’ve seen people reply about the videos when it wasn’t emphasized in the original cold email.

Jon Mazza's email signature

We’ve now started to implement it across our team. Jon Mazza, a Sales Development Rep here at LeadIQ, is now sharing a video about why he came back to LeadIQ. This is his video:

These videos have some decent editing, but the expectation for most prospects is a video of you just talking to them. That’s all it really takes. Doing this for your entire team will show off your human side, and if you setup link tracking, give your team another trigger to call a prospect.