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An Inside Look on How LeadIQ Gets Their Data

We know data quality is pretty much the most important thing considered when you’re choosing your data providers/sales intelligence tools. And let’s face it, one of the first questions you probably have when you hear our name is “how do they get their data?” Let's answer your most commonly asked questions... 

Where does LeadIQ get their Data and how do they Ensure Data Integrity?

We’ve seen our customers 2x their connection rate with cell phone numbers using our product. With better connect rates comes more conversation, more opportunities and most importantly, more revenue generated. LeadIQ’s database is derived from three main components: public information, partnerships, and our community database

Here’s a quick video that sums up how we get our data in under 4 minutes: 


Breakdown of our Data Sources and how we Ensure Data Quality

Data Collection Phase 1: Public Information

LeadIQ has a real-time data acquisition strategy. Based on referencing public data, such as name, title, and company, verified data will be available within seconds at point of user request. We have over 110 different queries per second to populate contact information for you. 

Using a real-time data acquisition strategy keeps our database current, rather than being limited to a static database where the data often gets stale, or in other words, becomes bad data. Because we are constantly improving our data quality, we’re able to track and inform you of certain things, like job changes. With more than 40,000 job changes that are happening weekly, we’re able to update and alert you when these changes happen. 

Data Collection Phase 2: Partnerships & Community Data

LeadIQ has more than a dozen data partnerships. Some ways our data partners get their data are from apps/services where their users have given consent to share their data amongst third parties in their terms of service. After receiving this data from our partners we are then able to aggregate and clean the data. 

Another way we verify information, such as email addresses, is through our community database. This database is contributed to by users who link up their inboxes to LeadIQ. Think of this as another data cleansing technique. We are able to run possible email addresses to the community database to verify the information is accurate.

There are two important things to note about LeadIQ: 

 1. LeadIQ does not pull/scrape information off of websites

Let’s make this clear. We use the information the sites you visit are telling us, like names and titles, but use our own means to populate the data shared to you. For example, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the #1 database in the world for sales professionals, however, using the site without LeadIQ you miss out on at least half of the total potential value since you can’t see contact information. 

 2. The contacts you obtain using LeadIQ are cold contacts.

While using LeadIQ, you do not have consent to add contacts generated to your mailing or marketing lists. This is a huge no-no. You must comply with data privacy laws and do a targeted outreach in order to utilize these contacts. 

Please visit to learn more. 


LeadIQ Does way more than the Average Data Provider

Another one of our main focuses is how our workflow will increase your productivity. This is one of our differentiators from our competitors. We emphasize the importance of making every activity count, because we believe we can help you make the best first impressions with prospects, without sacrificing your sales activities. 

This might sound like a broken record to some, but the LeadIQ extension enables your reps to research prospects first, then act on it in a much more productive way. Your reps will be far more efficient because our tool will allow them to not spend their entire time buried in their CRM, and instead out on the internet reading about their prospect. 

Our product helps reps take less steps to make that initial outreach, and since they spent that time researching about their prospect, they will then have a much better first impression. 

Starting your outbound relationships with better cold emails and cold calls makes your prospect open up more, and reveal more pain. More pain means higher close rates and deal sizes.

LeadIQ’s workflow will help you push prospects to your favorite CRM, helping you push certain data into specific campaigns and cadences of your choosing. Allowing you to organize your lists of leads around a specific goal. 

You can store as many leads as you want and create an infinite amount of campaigns. We will give you insight too, like flagging duplicates or letting you know if someone on your team is already working that prospect.  

Once a lead is saved, you can organize them in the web application, as mentioned briefly above. You can create Salesforce contacts and accounts with one click. You can share campaigns and leads across whole teams and track your team's monthly usage and performance on the dashboard. Rishi Mathur recently wrote a post explaining the new features on our dashboard. The extension and the web app work together, making your life easier. 

Visit to get more info on how we can help up your prospecting game.