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How to Empower AEs to Improve Their Own Cold Outbound

Are we making it easy enough for AEs to build relationships and do their own cold outbound?

AEs already have busy schedules. From preparing presentations and demos to negotiating, there's a lot they have to focus on to close deals. On top of it all, modern prospecting requires AEs to do some cold outbound and round out their pipeline. 

It can be a challenging balancing act, so how can sales leaders make it easier for AEs to outbound?

Join Sales Hacker and LeadIQ's own Director of Sales, Jillian Clancy as she talks with Robert Beattie (Head of Sales Acceleration, Modernizing Medicine), Cory Bray (Managing Director, ClozeLoop), and AJ Alonzo (Director of Marketing, demandDrive). Together they discuss their best tips and insights on what you can be doing to supercharge your AEs ability to do their own outbound prospecting. 

Cool things you'll learn:

  • Should every AE be responsible for filling their own pipeline?
  • How to evaluate and structure sales processes to better enable individual AEs. 
  • Tips for Marketing and Sales teams to collaborate.
  • How you can structure your sales team to improve handoff between SDRs and AEs.
  • Time management best practices.