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Clari Calls LeadIQ the Clear Choice for Prospecting

This case study explores the challenges faced by Clari's outbound SDR team and how LeadIQ was able to save them over 600 hours a quarter in their account-based prospecting.

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Clari calls LeadIQ the "clear choice for prospecting". 

After Clari introduced LeadIQ to their SDR team, they were able to create new accounts automatically with LeadIQ, and add new contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator into Salesforce and Outreach almost instantly. Data enrichment, a process that used to take 20 minutes per prospect, now takes less than 5 minutes.

With each SDR prospecting as many as 20 accounts per week, this represented a 5-hour time saving per SDR each week, or more than 50 hours for the team. These time savings allow the SDRs to put more effort into personalizing outreach efforts, which results in far higher response rates.

More importantly, LeadIQ helps SDRs build out a broader list of decision-makers at target accounts, which means they can get more prospects into sales sequences and develop a more accurate point of view of the account they are targeting. Whereas, before LeadIQ, Clari estimated a 50 percent fit to their ideal customer profile, now it estimates an 85 percent alignment, which results in more sales converting.