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Using Free Data Tools to Reach 30% More Prospects

How often do you need an email address for a new prospect but can't find it with the tools you have now? 

If you're a rep at a company using only one data provider, then you're missing at-bats with hundreds or thousands of your ideal prospects. 

In a study by Tito Bohrt and SalesHacker, they went on the hunt to find which provider would give them the best overall coverage of their Total Addressable Market (TAM).

You're missing access to half of your potential customers.

After narrowing their search to three providers, they found they could get anywhere from 49%-59% coverage if they chose one of the top three data providers. That means they were still blocked from connecting with almost half of their potential buyers, even when going with a leading provider. 

However, when they used two of them together, their results shot up to as high as 84% coverage, with the low end being 75%

A lot of data providers don't overlap in all the same areas. 

Some providers have more substantial data in specific industries or even certain regions, so the more different data sets you use, the more ground you can cover.

If your company's not shelling out the money for more tools right now, and you still want access to the best available data in the most efficient way possible, there are still high-quality free tools that you can use without any commitments.

Make sure you find a tool that fits your workflow.

There are tons of data providers out there, but even more workflows. 

Some providers are better for different scenarios, so it's good to play around with a few to figure out which will be best for your use.

What are the best free B2B contact data tools available?

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