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How to Sell in 2021


What an unpredictable year 2020 was. 2020 was filled with fear, uncertainty, and stress. It had everyone walking on eggshells. Millions of people had to adjust to staying home for weeks on end, if not longer, which causes a whole other boatload of problems and stress to arise.

All these things together caused businesses to continue in new ways. Salespeople had to take a foreign road to the way they sell. Whether it be adapting to remote working or approaching prospects, B2B sales and businesses are not operating as they once were.

What Motivates you?

After taking some time to reflect on 2020, the LeadIQ team thought about the reasons why they sell. They thought about what pushes them to get up every day and do their best. Here are some responses from the LeadIQ team on why they sell:

Ryan O’Hara:

“I sell because I crave that human connection. I want to laugh with prospects. I want them to get on calls with me and forget about their troubles for 30-60 minutes at a time.

Maybe buying LeadIQ will get rid of some other troubles, or getting training/help from me. If I delight them just a little bit, I can feel good going to sleep at night.

When prospects get cold emails, I want them to enjoy reading them. With a cold call, I want them to feel special.

But the biggest reason why I sell is that I was a rep. I was calling, emailing, and trying to build an empire, with just my laptop, some creative copy, and research."

Rishi Mathur:

“I sell to help, all I want to do is help people. All I care about is helping people in any way I can.

I became a comedian to make people laugh, I learned to cook to help feed those around me (I always take my leftovers and give them to those who really need them), and I sell to find a solution to people's problems.”

Kyle Reagan:

“Growing up there were a few things that I was interested in; playing sports, and hanging out with my friends.

Although my active team sports days are over, with sales, I get to compete, learn and grow in my career everyday, just like any great athlete.

On top of that, I get to have conversations, and build relationships with different people all over the world. So although chatting and cracking bad jokes would get me in trouble in school (apologies to all of my teachers), it is one of the biggest reasons why I sell, and why I love it.”

Jonathan Whetstone:

“I sell because I want to make sure that we have the best future for everyone, not just people whom I care about. You may be wondering "what does tech sales have to do with creating a great future?"

Well, it provides jobs for over 12 million people just in the United States alone. It provides immense opportunities for everyone to succeed and live their American dream.

We all know what 2020 was, but we don't know what 2021 can bring us. This holiday season be thankful for the people whom you get to share time with and trust me, 2021 will be amazing!”

Everyone has their reasons for what motivates them every day. If you work in sales, why do you sell? What motivates you to be the best you can be in your job? Without motivation, you won't excel in your career. It is important to uncover that reason why you get up for work everyday and use that to fuel your success in 2021.

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How to Sell in 2021

  1. Make it Easy for your Prospect
  2. Be Sincere/Show Empathy
  3. Utilize Video
  4. Do your Research!

Make it Easy for your Prospect

If you give people too many options or not a clear path on how to complete one option, they will end up confused and will not do what you want them to. 

When writing your cold emails, they should be easy to read and understand and be short and to the point. Stay away from lengthy emails. You should have one call to action (CTA) for your Prospect. For example, eBook download, book a demo, schedule a call, etc.

If you give your prospects too many options or confuse them with your writing, they will leave you without a response.

Be Sincere/Show Empathy

It's important to remember that not all the troubles from 2020 may be over for everyone. Some people may still be experiencing stress, loss, etc. Be sincere when you're talking to prospects.

We've discussed before the 3 stages of conversation and how they affect your selling. To refresh your memory, the three stages are:

Stage 1: Current events & small talk.
Stage 2: Common interest.
Stage 3: Feelings.

Learning how to get to Stage 3 successfully is how you will be able to sell with empathy. We are in a situation right now, where showing and sharing empathy is essential. Be real with your prospects.

Utilize Video

Video has always been an option for sales reps to get their prospects' attention; many simply don't use it. Whether you add a video to get the point across more clearly or use a video to explain your product's feature, video is the next best thing to being physically present with the person. It adds a sense of personal connection and a sense of relationship. Especially now, with millions working remotely.

Many reps are still foreign to video and maybe afraid to utilize this option. Video can significantly impact how you sell in 2021, and I urge every sales rep to make an attempt in 2021 and see for yourself the results that will come.

Here are some key video trends that you can use to update your sales strategy in 2021:

1. Turn your webcam on in meetings.

Drift reports that an analysis of more than 100,000 sales meetings found a correlation between deals closed and the amount of time spent chatting face-to-face via video.

2. Use LinkedIn Video.

Drift also shares only 51% of marketing & sales teams are taking advantage of LinkedIn’s video platform. This is a huge opportunity for sales reps to seize this opportunity to stand out and better connect with their leads.

John Barrows also makes a good point when he shares,  

“As sales reps we are always talking to people we don’t know, either in person, over the phone, or remote meeting. We’re practiced at communicating in front of people. For many of us, we’re much better at communicating through video than long written posts. As an added bonus, video recordings generally take less time than long written posts”.

3. Record personalized videos & include them in your sales emails.

Emails that contain videos increase click-through rates by 4X! This is still an untapped niche for salespeople since many reps fear including a video of themselves. Here are some tips to conquer your video fears.

Do your Research

At LeadIQ, we’ve always been advocates for the research first method. Researching first makes you 11x more likely to hear back from a prospect. Definitely carry this over into 2021 and beyond.

If you are having trouble researching your prospect, here are 7 Locations to look for Personalization:

  1. About section of LinkedIn
  2. Recommendations/Mutual Connections
  3. Published Content
  4. Comments/likes on posts that relate to what you do/can help them with
  5. Hobbies/Interests
  6. Company Page/Social Media
  7. Google the prospect

Wrap Up

2021 is the year to try new things and strive for success. If you are open and honest with your prospects and make their lives easier, all the while entertaining them and proving to them you did your research, you will undoubtable hit quota. 

Your prospects should read your cold email and feel something special. They shouldn't read your email and think they now have more work added to their plates.

Cheers to new beginnings, trying new prospecting techniques, and hitting quota all 2021!