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How to Capture, Export, and Prospect Your LinkedIn Connections

Your LinkedIn network is such a powerful tool to utilize when prospecting and is an amazing platform to live off of, but how do you go about developing a process that leads to reaching out to these people? How do you use LeadIQ to get the most out of using LinkedIn when prospecting? 

Capture Your LinkedIn Connections

It makes the most sense to start with how to actually capture these people. So, let's say you have a post on social selling that has a large amount of engagements. How would you go about capturing these likes off LinkedIn using LeadIQ? 

Simple. When you click on who liked your post the list will pop up on the LinkedIn know how it works. When you have LeadIQ open, the app will mirror the individuals who liked your post in the LeadIQ extension. You can capture them all in one click with the “capture” button on the bottom of the list. One more click and they are all exported to your CRM. 

This pretty much sums up the steps to take to capture any LinkedIn contact, whether it is an individual profile or a list of contacts. 


Export Your LinkedIn Connections

"Can I export my entire LinkedIn network?"

Yes, exporting contacts off LinkedIn using LeadIQ is easy.

6 Steps to export contacts off LinkedIn:

  1. Click on “My Network” Tab and then click “See All Connections”
  2. Click on “Manage Synced and Imported Contact”
  3. Click on “Export Contacts” 
  4. Select “Desired Files” and click “Request Archive”
  5. Open your email and use the download link
  6. Download

Here is a blog post that goes into these steps in more detail. 

Prospect Your LinkedIn Connections

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s talk about how to actually prospect your connections. 

So, you’re looking at your post that has a ton of engagements. You see someone who catches your eye, maybe an account you’ve been trying to break into. Perfect, now you have an excuse to reach out to them. 


To reiterate, when you have the LeadIQ extension open while you are browsing LinkedIn, you speed up the process it would take to go manually find and put that information into Salesforce or whatever CRM you are using.

Briefly mentioned above, all you have to do is go down to the post and click on the Likes button. You'll then see the list of people that have liked or engaged on your post. Having LeadIQ open, all these people are going to populate in the extension. Then you're going to be able to put those people right into the different tools/systems that you use. This will save you time and effort. You can use your time more efficiently and be able to do all those things that you normally can't do. 

The cool part is you'll actually get real-time data from this process. Not just the contact data needed to reach out, but also the connection piece to why you are reaching out. Now, when you do a cold call or a cold email, or you put them into a cadence or sequence, all you have to do is say, "Hey XYZ, I saw you liked my post about X."

Editorialize your outreach. Ask for their opinion on something. Make that conversation about the content that you put out first, and lead with that, and you'll get better results. 

As you do this, you'll start seeing your reply rates go up, your response rates go up, and you'll ultimately like doing more content. You will now get more value and reward out of the content that you're posting.

If you want to try and use LeadIQ to capture the people that have liked and engaged on your posts on LinkedIn and try a prospecting technique with it, talk to one of our awesome sales reps who can hook you up!