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Following up in B2B Sales. "Just Checking in" Works.

Whether you’re pursuing warm or cold leads, one thing is always true: Sales success is about relentless follow-up and it’s too important to leave to chance.

Following up with your prospect may seem scary. A lot of people have the mentality that if they were interested they would answer, so now you are just bugging them. Not in sales! A follow up is not intruding on your prospect, unless they have already expressed they’re not interested and you continue to reach out to them afterwards - don’t do that. 

So, how do you follow up? Just check in. 

Just Checking In 

A lot of sales professionals do in fact push against the “just checking in” follow up email, and you might even have been trained to avoid this phrase.

When you search the phrase “just checking in” in google, you will see a list of articles on alternatives for the just checking in email. 

Google Search: Just checking in follow up

For so long sales managers have been instilling in their reps to never write a “just checking in” follow up, claiming it never works. Outreach’s findings say differently. 

Outreach did an A/B test and found that the templates they used in their sequences with “just checking in” received an 86% higher reply rate than those templates who had not. 

Here is Outreach’s control email:

Here is Outreach’s “Just checking in” email:

Notice anything? The emails are the exact same with the exception that the variable email has “just checking in” as an opening phrase. Below are Outreach’s results from their A/B test.

Not only were more emails delivered to the individuals in this test, but a lot more replied. 86% more replied, to be exact. 


How do I Craft my “Just Checking in” Follow up

Follow up emails should be short and to the point. Don’t craft such a long email that your prospect won’t even read. A short email that your prospect can quickly skim and respond to is the goal. Add a quick sentence reiterating why you are reaching out and then move right into your call of action - what do you want them to do after they read this email?

In your follow up, your call to action is most likely asking them to get on a call with you. If I was writing a follow up email for LeadIQ, it might look something like this:


“Hey Joe, 

Just checking in. 

I know you shared some interest in learning more about how we can help your reps put out more quality activities that increase qualified opportunities.

Would you be open to hoping on a call to talk more?  



Be Persistent with Following Up

Some prospects will continuously read your emails and notice you, but might not need you at the moment. Being persistent is not a bad thing, it shows the prospect you are putting the work in. 

When prospecting, have the mindset that the person is not buying from the company, they are buying from you. Be human. Connect with them and show them you are a great person to engage with. 

Turn follow up into an integral part of your sales process. Make the most of your CRM system and sequences to incorporate follow up emails. Utilize reminders, workflows, and read/response detection to give you an edge. To learn more about crafting sales sequences visit Building the Perfect Sales Sequence for you Sales Teams

Good luck!