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Celebrating Women in Sales

October is Women in Sales Month. To celebrate, we’re recognizing the many talented and hardworking women who work in this industry, and the valuable contributions they make to it. 

Over the past few years, LeadIQ has helped thousands of companies improve their prospecting and account-based selling efforts. This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the people that both champion our cause of diversity and inclusivity.  We know, too, that recognizing women isn’t just about listing their accomplishments. Showing up in a traditionally male-dominated industry, and dealing with the many challenges associated with it is also a win. The women who walk this demanding walk are part of a larger movement for more equal representation in the sales industry and tech world in general. We know it’s not easy: take, for instance, the fact that women are still vastly underrepresented as salespeople in the 21st century, and that nearly 1.8 million women dropped out of the workforce during the pandemic. 

We asked a few women leaders if they had any words of wisdom or inspirational messages for other young women that are just starting in sales on what has helped them get to where they are, this is what they had to say:


“In the world of sales there are a lot of competing things you could do, but what's important is to focus on what you should do, which requires continually prioritizing the highest impact activities daily that are going to get you to your goal” Lauren Heying - Sr. Director, Global Sales Development at Optimizely

Lauren Heying / Senior Director of Global Sales Development at Optimizely

Throughout her career, Lauren has had the opportunity to gain experience in sales as both an individual contributor and in leadership roles. As the Senior Director of Global Sales Development at Optimizely, Lauren takes pride in watching her team members and customers grow professionally and personally. 


"Don't let anyone tell you that you can't- go out and make it happen. You will succeed if you invest your time and energy into making it happen. Be as hungry on Day 1 as you are at Day 30, Day 120, Day 365, and beyond. Keep your foot on the pedal, be a student of Sales, drive collaboration between teams, find a better way, make a difference." Allie Kaiser - Director, Sales Development at Bevy

Allie Kaiser / Director, Sales Development at Bevy

A natural leader, Allie has gone from individual contributor to Director of Sales Development in record time. Routinely lauded as a trusted advisor by her clients, it’s no wonder that Allie is truly a master of sales and no surprise that colleagues and customers alike are inspired by her motivation to learn, collaborate and tackle and challenge head-on.


“Put the customer first. A great deal starts with trust - if the prospect believes in you, they'll believe in your product and in the partnership. I have 10-year-old relationships with former customers now, and that doesn't come from making small talk about the weather. It comes from real trust and investment on both sides.” Aliisa Rosenthal - VP of Sales at WalkMe

Aliisa Rosenthal / VP of Sales at WalkMe

Currently a VP of Sales and WalkMe, Aliisa has over 15 years of sales experience and building teams in the enterprise space. After 4 years at Mixpanel, Alissa joined InVision, a design collaboration platform, to build out their Enterprise sales team. Today, Aliisa is the VP of Sales at WalkMe, managing a team of over 50 people in their commercial segment including sales, account management, and renewals. 


"The best advice that I was ever given was by one of my first professional mentors. She told me 'make your own personal Board of Advisors'. So now, when I need a soundboard or am stuck, I have several people who know me intrinsically that I can reach out to and trust to help guide me in my decision-making or provide feedback."  Jillian Clancy - Director of Sales at LeadIQ

Jillian Clancy / Director of Sales at LeadIQ

With over 11 years of sales leadership and team-building experience, Jillian is an invaluable member of the LeadIQ team. Her sustained record of top team and personal sales results can be attributed to an intrinsic understanding of the sales cycle, strong execution of qualification, strategic performance management, and pipeline forecasting. Jillian has been an inspirational mentor to many colleagues and clients over the years with no signs of letting up!


LeadIQ recognizes these historic and circumstantial challenges, and is committed to both hiring women and creating a culture that supports their long-term growth in sales and leadership roles. Having women on our team, and doing our best to make them want to work with us, is one of the smartest choices a company can make. 

Thank you, women, for making the sales world a better place for its present participants, and the next generation of women in sales to come. 

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