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Episode 23: Jason Bay and David Priemer

What Successful Outbound Will Look Like in 2022

On this episode of B2B Tonight, we found two guests that’ll get you thinking differently about your sales game going into the new year. David Priemer from Cerebral Selling joined us to discuss the Science behind buying and selling. Jason Bay from Blissful Prospecting was pumping out sales and prospecting tips that’ll help you stand out and get responses. 

We started the show off with a game talking about some data from a survey we sent out to sales practitioners and Jason and David gave tips to help with quota attainment and keeping employees happy while everyone around them is switching companies.

Then stuff got tactical in the second half. They talked about how to structure your message for better results, steps you can take to have a strong end of the year, and what selling in 2022 should look like.

Cool Stuff You'll Learn:

  • How do your prospects want to buy
  • What to prioritize from now till the end of the year
  • Sales tips and prospecting strategies
  • What Science has to say about selling