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Episode 20: Andy Paul and Rich Stone

Sales Slumps to Fist Bumps: How To Turn Around Your Sales Team and Generate More Revenue

We're in the middle of The Summer Funk, and we're not talking about your armpits. It's that of year when all of your prospects are on vacation, no one's answering the phones, those deadlines you set up keep getting pushed back, and your pipeline is drying up.

On this episode of B2B Tonight Founder/Author of Zero-Time Selling and host of The Sales Enablement Podcast, Andy Paul and Rich Stone, VP of Sales at Tech Target, talked to us about what it takes to get out of a sales slump and get your confidence back. 

Ryan and Mazza even showed some creative ways your team should be prospecting to help keep things fresh and fun. Check it out!

Cool things you’ll learn:

  • What causes sales reps to get in a rut
  • How to get your confidence and inspiration back
  • Mastering the fundamentals
  • Prospecting without sounding desperate
  • Creating value every step of the sale