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Episode 18: Gabrielle Blackwell and Tom Boston

You don't have to be an influencing expert mage guru to make an impact on social media. Sometimes just telling your story will help others in their life's quest. 

Check out this episode of B2B Tonight, How to Stand Out to Your Managers and Make a Positive Impact at Your Company, with special guests Tom Boston and Gabrielle Blackwell. Watch as they share their stories and tips so you can learn how to take your game to the next level and get ahead in your career.

Cool Things You'll Learn:

  • Why you should start developing your personal brand
  • How developing your personal brand will lead to more opportunnities
  • What you can do to stand out at your company and move up
  • Leveraging social media to book more meetings

About the Guests

Gabrielle Blackwell - SDR Manager, Gong

Gabrielle has worked her way through the ranks, leads her teams by example, and puts her skills on display for all to see. 

Tom Boston - Social Sales Evangelist, SalesLoft

Tom has created an extensive following that's not only helped him book more meetings as an SDR but pave the way for tons of new opportunities.